Sales & Marketing Outline (Sellers)


Pre-MLS Tasks:

  1. Pre-Market your house to our vast network of Realtors
  2. Create an independent web page, this include the Interactive Listing™
  • I advertise your upcoming house to your neighbors, using post cards as well as personally knocking on doors and speaking with your neighbors about your upcoming listing.
  1. Install a “Coming Soon” property sign in the front of your house
  2. List your home on the following websites:
    1. Zillow
    2. eBay
    3. Active Rain
    4. FaceBook
    5. The Housing Pages
    6. BackPage
    7. CityCribs
    8. Craigslist
    10. HotPads
    11. Redfin
    12. Trulia
  3. Capture clean and professional drone footage
    1. We leave this task to a professional drone company
    2. We have a professional film editor create the final rendition
    3. Include this on your personal web page
  4. Capture and master professional still photos of your house
    1. I use one of our several professional Real Estate Photography Companies
  5. Create a clean and professional flyer for distribution.
  6. I use Matterport Virtual Tour software
    1. This is for the people who cannot attend the open house or buyers who are from out of the area.
  7. Hire a professional staging company (optional)
  8. Hire a professional House Cleaning company (if needed)
  9. Conduct a Brokers Tour
    1. This is essentially an open house for other Realtors to prospect for their buyer clients

Post MLS Tasks:

  1. Upload the listing on the MLS
  2. Prior to conducting an Open House, I prefer to have it on the MLS (this includes, Zillow, Trulia, Refin, etc…) for at least 1 week.
  3. During the first week on the MLS, I market it out on my Facebook page and again to my vast network of Realtors.
    1. This also includes marketing it to the multiple social media groups, who are related to real estate sales.
  4. I also request my Facebook friends and Intero associates (on Facebook) to share the property with their network of friends and family.
  5. Open House:
    1. I conduct the Open house on both Saturday and Sunday.
      1. If there is a large weekend event nearby, I schedule it after the event, in attempt to funnel the crowd to the open house.
    2. Interactive Listing™
      1. I have a small café of laptops at each Open House.
      2. This includes 2 touch screen laptops displaying your Interactive Listing™
      3. Empowering buyers to digitally configure various preferred features upon your house
    3. Contents that are available to the Open House guests:
      1. Home Inspection Report
      2. Roof Inspection Report
      3. Termite Inspection Report
      4. Neighborhood Features Report
      5. School District Features Report
      6. Home Buying Process Flyer
      7. First Time Home Buyer Flyer
      8. Various Mortgage Company Information Pamphlet
    4. Digital Sign-in Sheet
      1. This is to follow up on all Open House Guests
    5. After the Open House is conducted, we meet with you to review the outcome as well as set an offer due date, if none was previously established.